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Aovo Pro M365 Electric Scooter Not Charging Fix?

by Sebastian Szczypior 02 Oct 2023
Aovo Pro M365 Electric Scooter Not Charging Fix?

Does your aovo pro M365 not charge? When you go to plug the scooter in is green light is showing on charger? You may be wondering why that is.. 

We were made aware of the situation by a customer of ours who is an electrical engineer and deals with batteries, upon opening the battery pack he found the black negative cable had come away from the pcb board which explains why when you go to plug the scooter on charge although the red is soldered on correctly it won’t charge the scooter. Upon soldering the black cable to the pcb board the scooter charges again without any issues. 

Please note I would strongly advise not to carry out this work by yourself unless you’re qualified and absolutely know what you’re doing. 
Taking a battery pack apart and re-soldering requires significant knowledge and should only be done by competent person. 

At first instance contact the retailer you bought the scooter from they should be able to help you, if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with them you can use our repair and service page and follow the steps on there where we may be to help. 

Click here for more information. 


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